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YGO/GX/5D's Lovechild Dressing Room
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12th-Feb-2009 04:29 pm(no subject)
[Having set himself up in a room on the sixth floor, Ledare is now wandering about on the first floor, looking to see what the Dressing Room has to offer.

So far, he's come across a bondage shop (which, oddly enough, also sells perfectly tame birthday cards), a bakery, the stairs to the basement, a library, three elevators, a petshop and a gym. Come explore with him/poke his kitty ears and tail?]
1st-Feb-2009 02:17 pm - NEEDS MOAR BOOBZ
And for the last time, Hunter Owl is not a useless card! Just imagine the-


[Oh hey, this isn't Duel Academia anymore. Jinja scowls and looks around at the Dressing Room.]

What kind of joke is this?
31st-Jan-2009 01:26 am - A PROTAGONIST APPEARS!
-Oh god what is this place why is he here he needs to get back hooooome.  A pouty frown appears on his face.  Now where could he find people to go spazz out to~?-
30th-Jan-2009 12:13 am(no subject)
[That screech from somewhere on the third floor? That was Ledare. The dressing room seems to have a sick sense of humor, one which includes dumping total aquaphobes into the deep end of a swimming pool. If anyone decides to investigate, he's now pressed against the wall shivering, and still dripping.]
29th-Jan-2009 05:33 pm(no subject)

[ The oldest  son of Marufuji Ryo has arrived, his face looks rather confused, he was supposed to be cheering his sister on a duel but  this isn't the place he was before]

Yuna? You here?

((ooc: :) Hello Guys, Now you can molest him all you want to))

29th-Jan-2009 06:42 pm(no subject)
[Haruki is pretty sure he was adding to his Box of Shiny Things(tm), not standing in the middle of a lobby like that of a large hotel. He blinks a few times, holding his Shiny Thing - a chunk of fool's gold - and looking about. He's got dark brown hair with a chunk of dark blue at the front, and teal eyes. Who wants to poke him?]
28th-Jan-2009 05:38 pm(no subject)
Theo... I can't go to Duel Academia without Theo... Why won't he just consider duelling?

[Marcus paces around his room absentmindedly taking apart his old DuelDisk as he does. He may not have noticed he's arrived in the DressingRoom yet so he could do with a poke in the right direction.]

[ooc: Thought I might as well get Marcus introduced just so he's there. XD]
27th-Jan-2009 05:57 pm(no subject)
[He snarls and bites at the trainer who dared to approach him before backing himself into a corner.

Then there was light. He reveled in sweet light but did not see it often.

As he took a few moments to stop and breathe he took in that the trainers had gone and he was no longer at KaibaCorp. With this safety in mind he reverted back to his human form and started to look around from a crouched position.]
27th-Jan-2009 05:45 pm(no subject)
[This was most certainly not the shelf where he kept his oyster and calm growth charts. He went to step down from his bed to the floor only to find that his bed was not there either.

Nor was his floor, unless that had changed colour.]

Um... what?

[He's curious so he goes to see where he is.]
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